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At 24, Santa Ana native Courtney Conlogue, the top ranked female surfer in the world and a member of the elite ASP Women’s World Champion Tour, is wise beyond her years. As a professional athlete, artist, model and brand ambassador for SurfAid International and Boarding for Breast Cancer, Conlogue has said she believes her “surfing should do the talking.” But here, she shares a few thoughts with Pacific Coast readers.

1. The greatest lesson surfing has taught me is

Follow your gut and believe in yourself, there are things that you can and can’t control.

2. What motivates me is

Knowing that I am not the best that I can be. I am always finding ways to evolve to be better, whether they are big or small. In sports or anything that you pursue, you can strive for perfection and keep learning how to improve. As an athlete I’m continually open to new ideas and implementing a process that works toward my improvement to meet my goals.

3. What I love about training is

Pushing my boundaries. Training is a testing ground to see what you are made of. It doesn’t only train you physically. When you train to grow as an athlete, you are mentally training too.

4. The bare essentials I need to feel good are

Family, friends and the outdoors.

5. What helps me with stress is

Breathing, of course, plus getting up and doing something active, whether it’s paddling, running, gym time or surfing. Fitness helps everything come into perspective.

6. A positive body image means

Love who you are and what you are. I believe everyone should be confident with who they are and comfortable in their own skin. Hold your head up and smile.

7. My favorite spot to grab a bite in the OC is

Banzai Bowl, Bear Flag, Dukes, Sugar Shack and Kimmies, just to name a few.

8. My favorite spot to unwind in the OC (outside the water) is

The Orange Circle or just at home in my art studio.

10. My playlist before I compete includes

David Guetta, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Major Lazor, The Chainsmokers, Colemen Hell, Pink, Beyonce, Bishop Briggs, Rihanna.

If I could empower young women

I would encourage them to always aspire to pursue their personal best in their passions and interests. I find that it is always important to learn, grow and evolve. When the times get tough through wins or losses, always persevere and find a way to make things happen. Believe in yourself and don’t feed into the naysayers that say you can’t, you don’t and you won’t. Use them to fuel your fire.


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