What Defines and Icon?

Letter from the Editor


PC_Cover_Fall2016-ICONPC_Cover_Fall2016-CARTrying new things takes courage. Rarely as easy as they look, but often more thrilling than imagined, these experiences are ultimately what shape our lives. For those of you reading this premiere issue of Pacific Coast Magazine, we are thankful for your adventurous spirit, because it’s exactly why this publication was created.

Collaborating with Stanfield Real Estate of HÔM Sotheby’s International Realty, our team at Firebrand Media is trying something new. Pacific Coast Magazine celebrates the iconic coastal California lifestyle and its innovative and creative culture. From home design to action sports, shopping to traveling to lands near and far, fashion to fine dining, arts to automobiles, every issue will express what it’s like to live and work in our sophisticated, yet laid-back coastal environment. Like water is to all life-forms, the stories we share in this publication are the lifeblood of our California spirit.

In this issue, we begin what we hope will be an ongoing dialogue about what defines the iconic California lifestyle by taking you inside the current worlds of legendary surf pioneers Bruce Brown and Robert August. It was 50 years ago this summer that their breakthrough film, “The Endless Summer,” introduced the world to the authentic surfing lifestyle that was nothing like the hokey, Hollywood-set “Beach Party” films of the 1960s. More than the riveting storytelling, stunning cinematography and fluid surfing, what elevates this film to icon status is how it shunned countless rejections from the big studios, bootstrapped a $50,000 budget, and went on to make history (along with $20 million globally its first year).

That’s the determined, entrepreneurial spirit we’re showcasing in Pacific Coast Magazine. When you truly love what you do, people recognize and appreciate the passion. For all of us at Pacific Coast Magazine, this magazine is our labor of love. We developed it to interact with you and your interests and to inspire new and meaningful conversations about who we are and why we live here.

–Justine Amodeo
Editor, Pacific Coast Magazine