Beauty & Brains


We love the Apple Watch for its features and tech-geek cred, but if you want connectivity plus high-end fashion, keep your eye on brands like Huawei, Olio and TAG Heuer.

By Mary Harpin

With premium materials, slim design and interactive features, these brands don’t sacrifice brains for beauty. Today’s high-end smartwatches come with impressive displays and are loaded with customizable options, from wristbands to sophisticated clock face options, both digital and analog (bye-bye, Mickey Mouse).


1 HUAWEI Watch ElegantHuawei Watch

Huawei’s Elegant watch, just released in the U.S. this year, is Bluetooth-enabled, equipped with Google Now and boasts state-of-the-art activity and tracking technology. It’s also encrusted with Swarovski crystals and has interchangeable Italian leather straps.


2 OLIO Model OneOlio Model One

Weighty stainless steel and intelligent cloud-based technology give Olio’s Model One a premium feel and longevity you don’t find in other smartwatches. It’s no wonder: This newer brand was started by an Apple alum who wanted a gorgeous smartwatch that was also durable. Olio engineers took notes on the POTUS’ memo system design to filter notifications, so you only see the important stuff. It’ll even offer to order an Uber when you’re late for dinner.


3 TAG HEUER ConnectedTag Heuer Barenia rose, a site dedicated to wearable tech, calls TAG Heuer’s Connected smartwatch “ridiculously good looking.” Its Android-based system features include weather monitoring, Google Fit and RaceChrono Pro. Its battery life—about 26 hours—and display are stiff competition for its rivals.